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Combination Brows

combination brows treatment

Combination Brows

In addition to microbladed hairstrokes, we add a light shade of pigment in between hair strokes. This is advisable when client is lacking a lot of natural eyebrow hairs, when shape needs a major correction, if client has previous permanent makeup on the brow, or if client simply wishes to have their eyebrows slightly darker, if micro blading is too natural for them.

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Treatments & Prices

Microblading & Shading


Initial Touch up

(in 4-8 weeks)

Yearly touch up

(in 12-24 months)

Yearly touch up

(in 24-36 months)

combination brows

More about Microshading

Is this treatment single procedure?

After initial procedure, one retouch procedure is required to refresh the strokes make the look more defined, that will prevent pigment from fading too fast. It is usually performed after 4-8 weeks after first treatment.

How long the treatment takes?

On average the first treatment is done in about 2 hours. The following top up procedures will take 0.5-1 hour.

How to take care of eyebrows after treatment?

Your practitioner will provide you with verbal and writer aftercare instruction, specifically chosen for your skin type. It can affect your lifestyle for next 7 days if you are extensively exercising, as activities that can cause sweat, have to be avoided. As well as public waters, dusty environment and extreme exposure to the sun etc. Make up on your brows is not allowed for next 14 days.

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